18 August 2014

different kind of blog hop

I was really complimented when Jessy Christopher asked me, if I wanted to be one of her tagged scrapbookers! If you haven't heard about this blog hop yet - it's kind of a different blog hop, where you answer some questions - so that others can learn a bit more about you - and then you tag three other girls to continue the blog hop. 
Jessy is one awesomely talented scrapbooker with a beautiful and clean style - exactly what I love! Her instagram feed is so cool, too! She is just so inspirational! :)
Thanx again for tagging me Jessy, here is her blog hop post - and here I go with my answers! :)

1. What am I working on right now?

SO many things at the same time! But let's talk about scrapbooking :) I have completed quite a few projects this past week that need to be edited. Here are some sneeks:

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

If I really want it to be unique and beautiful and everything, it takes me up to two hours. If I finish my layout in less then an hour I'm usually not very happy with it...

3. What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

If I don't count my all time favourite white textured cardstock and tissue paper, I would say: vellum paper, enamel dots and fabric scraps!

4. How does my writting/creating process work?

My creating process starts with getting inspired - usually Pinterest and also Studio Calico gallery are my great sources of inspiration. Then I put some music on (I even have some "crafty" playlists on youtube! :D ) and start creating. I don't know how to describe my creative process - I think it's always different. I just play around with the photo and layers and embellishments :)
Then there's writting -  I really hate that part. I mean, I keep my blog active even if I don't post regularly, but I just get SOOO distracted each time I have to write a blog post! (I interrupted writting this one about twice already...haha). So let's move to another question :D

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

As I've said already, Pinterest and SC gallery are my greatest sources of inspiration. I just go through the pictures and sketches, color combos etc. Sometimes i watch some process videos on youtube - even if the result is not particularly appealing to me, watching other people create always gets me in the mood to scrap :)
And how do I stay inspired? Well, I guess I don't :D If the inspiration goes away I just watch more videos, haha.

6. What is my signature style?

White and bright. Pastel colors, tissue paper, sewing. I like the messy look - but still organized somehow... weird right? :)

Pheeew! Done! Now I'm really curious to see what these three ladies that I'm gonna tag will tell us :)

1. Laura from La Mar de Scrap - I discovered her thanx to Magda Mizera, when we were in Magda's spotted scrapbookers of the week (that was so cool!) I immediately fell in love with her style - not only because it's so clean and light, but because there's also another thing I love about her style - the way she uses the black color. And her project are still so bright and clean... I don't even know how to explain - just go and have a look! :)

2. Kathleen from Scattered Confetti - her pages are so yummy, colorful yet not too much ... just perfect! I always get inspired by going through her online galleries, such as Elle's Studio or Studio Calico - her layouts are just lovely - color combo, composition, journaling... there's always something that will catch your eye.

3. Kristinka from Handmade by Sheley - I wanted to bring this blog hop to my country as well and I've picked Kristinka. She makes not only scrapbooking layouts but lots of sweet and cool projects from paper - and I'm not talking only about cards, but stuff like little handbags, cookbooks and so much more! Her style is feminine, bright and sweet :)

Thanx for joining in the fun girls! 

12 August 2014

Sardinia 2014

Four short but oh so beautiful days in Sardinia, Italy, in the begining of August. Photos say it all. Enjoy :)

11 August 2014

"Can I enter?" pre organizatorka.sk

This is how Jimmy - my brother's dog that he adopted from a local shelter last year - waits in front of my room. The journaling says: "No, you can't sweet darling, 'cause I'm sure that you're gonna chase my bunny". That's why my room becomes my kitty's and bunny's shelter when they come round :) He's pretty much active and such a crazy dog! (but so devoted, thankful and such a sweetheart as well :)

This page was created for organizatorka.sk. It is a slovak site that sells pretty crafting and scrapbooking supplies - mostly in vintage style but I was able to get some lovely papers and other stuff that fits my style and got a box full of beautiful goodies about two weeks ago. 

Here's what I got:

I played a LOT with the circle punch from docrafts and created a garden party lights inspired background that I LOVE :) I've used Prima Marketing's "Delightful" paper pack and - of course - some tissue paper, book pages and fabric for layering. White thickers are from AC of course ;)

More projects to come, lots of beautiful papers and goodies are waiting to be used! :)

07 August 2014

Recycling the packaging, creating a moodboard

The title says it all :) I got to prepare one blog post for Mei Li Paperie where I could choose to create whatever I wanted to. I have a thing for packaging (I'm actually using a LOT of packaging and the bottom stripes from the patterned papers and lots of other things you usually throw away), so I've decided to reuse this BEAUTIFUL acqua paper bag. It was a MUST! Look at how awesome it is! (I know, I'm exagerating a bit, lol)

And this is how it looks like after the remake:

I've decided to call it a "multifunctional moodboard" :D If you want to know why, read more (and see more photos) on Mei Li Paperie. Have fun creating! :)


V najnovšom článku na blogu Mei Li Paperie sa dočítate, ako zrecyklovať obal/papierové vrecko, v ktorom vám prídu scrapbookové vecičky. Ten od Mei Li bol taký krásny, že by bol hriech ho vyhodiť, alebo ho dokonca aj použiť - a nenapísať o tom! Ja viem, že trochu preháňam :D ale milujem všetko, čo sa týka balenia, pošty a organizovania.
Kliknite na Mei Li Paperie a pozrite si viac fotiek - výroba a "systém" sú jednoduché - na základ nalepíte zopár priesvitných obálok z vellum papiera (pauzovací), kde si môžete odkladať zvyšky scrapbookových papierov alebo tagy - ale tiež pripnúť spinkou, drevením štipcom alebo washi páskou. Takto môžete meniť obsah tejto "mininástenky" kedykoľvek. Aj preto som ju nazvala "multifunkčná" :) - je to dekorácia, miesto na odkladanie ústrižkov a maličkostí na tvorenie a zároveň inšpirácia - samozrejme ak ju dokrášlite a naplníte vecičkami, ktoré vás inšpirujú. :)

04 August 2014

Mei Li Paperie Color Challenge

Hello :)
Here comes the first blog post for the amazing Mei Li Paperie! A color challenge based on this color pallete - some of my favourite colors btw ;)

And my page. 
 I almost never scrap a picture of mine. This might be the second one I've ever scrapped.
For more photos and a little story about the LO, read more in Mei Li Paperie's blog post :) 

Prvý príspevok pre Mei Li Paperie je stránka vytovrená podľa farebnej palety - tvorilo sa parádne, keďže sú to jedny z mojich obľúbených farieb :) Na ich blogu nájdete viac fotiek. Krásne leto! :)

Lucia x